tinx chan | cinematographer

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Tinx Chan is a Brooklyn, New York native with a calling to move hearts with moving images.

Through training and guidance from members of the American Society of Cinematographers (the ASC), he continues to hone his craft, drawing inspiration from the visual arts of old and new—be it Rembrandt paintings, pictorial images by Karl Struss and Steichen, Edward Hopper drawings, or even graphic references from 8-bit video games.
Although his training and passion is in narrative cinematography, as a director of photography he has also shot for notable commercial clients such as Ad Council, Garnier, General Electric, Visa, FedEx, Random House Publishing, Chevrolet and more.

Be it on a Phantom high-speed camera, DSLR, or Panaflex 35, this holds true: light is his paint; the lens is his brush.